LEARNING SIGN PAINTING ? HERE the materials you need

LEARNING SIGN PAINTING ? Here you find the materials you need

Welcome to dravvt if you are here probably you are intereseting to learn about Sign Painting. here you find the materials you need to start. so lets start


Sign painting materials

The materials are extremely important for painting signs.  If we want to start painting letters on different kind of surfaces such as Glass, Metal or Wood we want to avoid the need of applying many layers of paint in order to get to a good result.


It is necessary at the beginning to have a pre sketch of what you are planning to do. 

For that you need a ruler, a pencil ,a eraser and paper a lot of paper :).


The paint that i personally use for signs is 1 shot paint. this paint have a high coverage and it is ready to use. with this paint is not necessary any primer to get a good result. however the paint is THICK we don´t want to use it with out any thinner because is going to drive us crazy and the results are not going to be the best.

 The thinner that i personally use is Chromaflo 6000 as well from one shot and  lump them together with the paint . the measure that i use is 1 paint and 1/2 of thinner. but it depends on the color and the thinner we are using.

 The consistency that we are looking for is like hand cream not to thick not to liquid. 

Paint thickness


Brushes are a really important in the art of sign painting. There are 3 types of brushes that i personally find important ; 



Outliner brush kafka

Designed to carry larger amounts of paints to outline and pinstripe the edges of letters and graphics with larger stripes.


Quill brush

has a unique cut to the end of the brush in which it forms a chiseled edge allowing you to carve out sharper corners. The Quill’s tip can also be palated out to form a Nib Tip (Oval) and also the Pointed tip. the versatility of the Quill makes it the all time favorite of lettering artist for glass, wood and metal. Quills come in different types of hair, Grey Quills lend themselves to Rougher Surfaces making them the Durable Choice while Brown Quills hair is softer and more fine which is Ideal when working on smooth surfaces such as wood, metals and glass. Brown Quills have a little more pucker to the surface, while for some this traction helps stabilize their hand lettering, Others feel it slows their speed.


Stryper brush

This makes it great for painting long lines, as the brush will inscribe a smooth curve and will hold a large amount of paint.

in the link below you can find in Germany a store that sells everything that you need for painting signs 

click here 

Click here to see What’s the difference between signpainting, lettering and calligraphy

now that we have the materials lets get started.

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