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Buy Artworks from New Artists.

Why to buy Artworks from new ARTISTS?

A market for artists such as Abramovic, Picasso or even Warhol is too explored, because a lot of people wants a piece from these great artworks to their collection.

nevertheless out there, some emerging artists are producing interesting artworks, of equal quality and equal relevance as well-known ones.

the purchaser can make a great impact on the artist career.

investing in new artists can change the future of art as a whole. if we want to have a future generations of great artists, we have to invest in the creators of today. 
artist support, transcend the art world and can affect the entire society. In this dravvt post, I will give you some reasons, why to buy ARTWORKS from new artists. rather than the extinct or way too popular.?

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1. Support Artists Build up Their Talent

investing and supporting artists helps them to get independent. giving the artist more time to actually create, is reflected in the evolution of their artworks.

ELLEN DISSANAYAKE is an American author and scholar focusing on „the anthropological exploration of art and culture “. She argument that the behaviors we call art are biologically produced.

She says as well that art is essential to our humanity, and of evolutionary significance as crucial aspects of the difference between humans and other primates.

art is vital for our society, and by supporting artists you are protecting and investing in humanity.

In her view (and ours)art isn’t something to value only after everything else is taken care of for most of human history art behaviour so occupied the center of life that I couldn’t be conceived as separate, no one ever questioned its importance.
On close examination, then, the idea of art as mere indulgence is difficult to defend. Indeed, it may be a straw man: We suspect that most people inclined to resist paying so much for a trashcan would, nevertheless, agree with us, and with the angry artist, that art is essential. Perhaps some of these people haven’t considered possible inconsistencies between their views about the importance of art and their instinctive reaction to an expensive trashcan. Or maybe that’s not the reason. Mintzberg is a hard man to accuse of not noticing inconsistencies. And, despite our inference that for the professor a Vipp bin is an indulgence, he wasn’t saying that about all art, nor do we suppose he would take that position. So there must be some other explanation why a very expensive trashcan positioned as art prompts people to take offense. This bring us to the next fallacy...

Giving the artists the opportunity to grow on time, is the way to make sure that they will keep creating and developing their styles and art. 

If artists are to worry about other jobs it’s impossible to develop a good quality work!! 

2. Invest in culture progress

culture needs art and art need artists by investing in new artists, we are changing our society. by bringing to the world new visions new perceptions, and that’s refreshing our society.

Art is necessary for changing our opinions and make a better world.

Artists teach our people and touch emotions with their works. By educating people from a sensitive perception. art make them more sensitive and more human.

Olivier de Sagazan-transfiguration

Olivier de Sagazan at first painter and sculptor is more and more working in the living arts performance, dance, theater. He has since made more than 300 performances in twenty different countries. His performances have led to numerous collaborations with artists from the world

3. Support Social Movements

Giving the opportunity to grow to new artists on time, is the way to make sure that they will keep creating and developing their styles and art. as well as develop better the ability of expressing their opinions with their art. in this way you support social movements.

Art is semi-autonomous, as it is independent field of creation. 

Free from the rules, function and norms. but on the other hand, art world is deeply connected and dependent from artistic production, ways of curating and display as well as socio-economic conditions and political context. Consequently, some artists are deeply involved in social activism or have a serious opinion about our modern society.

By supporting them and buy artworks from new artists you Support not only a person but the artists ideas. and their ideas are directly connected with the support social movements in our society.

Buy Artworks from New Artists.
Norman Rockwell - The Problem We All Live With

4. Commission Art according to Your Needs

A lot of artists are open to make commissions. 

Many artists are open for commissions. Therefore if you have a specific idea in mind you can commission an artist to make a piece according to your desires. 

Or if you just want to modify an existing piece (let’s say to adapt the size of the artwork) you can always ask the artist to remake one of their works to better suit your needs

Make Money with the Artist Success

Marina & Ulay MoMA (The Artist is Present)

Banksy art were not always well-known how it’s now. in the past Banksy prints were sold only for approximately €150 interesting don’t you think ?

 Buying art from new artists now inexpensively, is an opportunity as well for you, to profit from it in the future. when the artist finally make it big.

 You could end up with a lot more money than the money you actually invested. 

  jean-Michel basquiat sold his first print for approximately €200 . But now their works are worth millions!!  


to Buy artworks from new artists now inexpensively is an opportunity as well for you to profit from it when the artist finally make it big. You could end up with a lot more money than the money you actually invested just buy investing in humanity.

Art is alive, protect talents, help them develop and support artists.


thanks for reading.

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