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the artist of the absurd – contemporary artist 

Creativity is in continuous move, is a constant evolution and development. The meaning of art? still unclear sometimes even irrelevant. 

additionally art is a question of definitions therefore definitions does not define art. 

because of that, in every artwork i make, i try to find an answer. thats the method i use for explaining to myself the way i perceive the world.

for this reason my intention is not always to create beautiful artworks, but descriptive repetitive mechanical experiments in order to explore materials, analyse moves, sounds forms colours and more.


Untitled Artwork 2
the artist of the absurd

the artist of the absurd 

 in conclusion Art is an endless experiment. I am a constant confrontation an opposition between ideas. absurdism is attention between meaning, happiness and the impossibility to have them.

the artist behind the art 

hi, im Drago my art is an endless experiment. i am a constant confrontation an opposition of ideas. Absurdism is the condition i have to live in just because i am a human.  

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