Can you make art meaningful and meaningless At the same time?

Can you make art meaningful and meaningless at the same time ?

Can you make art meaningful and meaningless at the same time

Welcome to the absurd

Can you make substantial and useless Artworks at the same time? Have you ever ask that question to your self?

Creative activity is nothing more than an expression of the human condition  and extension of the human voice, Art is communication and silence too. 

“If humans are absurd art is absurd” dRAVVT.

In this post I’m going to talk about dRAVVT  ideas in relation to the absurd and how I confront it As an artist. But first I could like to tell you a bit about me, in order to break the ice and be more comfortable with each other. 

Art has been a close black box in my life and obviously I’m outside of it. 

From the outside , I can see how the box changes shape and even try to chance colours.

But for good or bad, I am unable to see through it.

However, being outside the box, has let me do some things. 0ne of those, is that I met my most loved friend, the absurd. The second is that We, the absurd and me, created something that I gave it the name of absurd box. You know, like trying to replicate the black box, but this was not a box but some kind of curious shape.   

Can you make art meaningful and meaningless at the same time

Ok it’s enough information about me for now if you want to know more about me click here now lets talk about us.  

 Can you make meaningless and meaningful art at the same time? 
The answer is yes,  it’s even recommend if you what to get deep into your Self. In order for getting to new ideas or to new perceptions, It’s necessary to be friend of the unknown. 
that is not a simple task, the unknown show it self in many cases unfriendly and distant, sometimes even disturbing.

 Our brain don’t like to recognise the unknown, our mind try to look for answers everywhere in order to organise such a mess. But don’t get me wrong,That, is a good thing, said your brain.

That is exactly what let us come to new conclusions and artworks. Said your brain again.

There is no one universal definition of art though there is a general consensus that art is the conscious creation of something beautiful or meaningful using imagination and skills . The definition and perceived value of works of art have changed though history and in different cultures. However My intention is not to focus this text in the history of art. But on the absurd as a way of getting to a different type of art. Nevertheless is good to keep in mind that, there are 100000 definitions about what art is in our present.

We cannot follow any kind of definition of what art should be. But  may be we could combine them  …hum, we can play with the definitions, let’s try it. 

We need to experiment with the absurd in art. But that, doesn’t mean that we have to stop trying to understand art though our logical thinking.

cubism is a movement in art that began in France in 1907 that is characterized by the use of geometric planes and shapes. Works of Pablo Picasso that consist of interlocking shapes and geometric planes are examples of cubism.

dravvt meaning

pop art began in the 1950s. Pop art is a style of art based on simple, bold images or everyday items, such as soup cans, painted in bright colors. Pop artists created pictures of consumer product labels and packaging, photos of celebrities, comic strips, and animals.

dravvt artist =
Can you make art meaningful and meaningless at the same time

Which image came to your brain ?  Ieave your comments down below.

Any way let’s continue with the serious not serious part. 

If we want to produce absurd artworks, We should pay attention about this ideas,  but as well ignore them, because we want to find a new perspective in art. 

Experimenting how we perceive our reality in art, is a need in order to get to a adequate result. But what is an adequate result ? Is there even the probability of getting results? That depends, we can achieve to get to know us. That means get more lost, and confront ourselves to our own Dilemmas and don’t find an Exit door however laugh about it, because we are by nature absurd and lost. 

What we are is, condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again.  Just like in the Greek mythology of Sisyphos.

Although we, the artists, can be Sisyphos. in constant revolt, in a constant confrontation. We cannot let in peace the absurd. We need to introduce it to our awareness, because we live in a kind of mutualism with it, without the absurd, humans don’t exist. and without the humans, absurd can not exist neither. We shouldn’t take the absurd seriously but laugh of it. This give us the power of our life and let us just there, ready to pick the stone up the hill. happy and satisfied.

What do you think about the topic, do you think it is possible to make art meaningless and meaningful simultaneously ? Leave your comments below 
 The contradiction must lived.

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